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Product Description

Product IDV113
Thai NameNAM-TAO (น้ำเต้า)
Scientific NameLagenaria siceraria Standl.
Season availabilityAround year
Preparation and eatingps gourd plant biennial one. Is called the gourd. It's green and white. I kept going out on leave for one of it's larger. The shell is solid brown. Cut off stem and remove the seeds inside to plant the gourds are all gone. Then the gourd is used as a container for water or alcohol again. Mixture of substances contained in the gourd with water, 0.30 percent, 0.20 percent protein, fat, sugar, lye soap, vitamin D, etc.
The ability to treat diseases of the gourd.
1. Diabetes.
2. Urethra inflammation.
3. Pneumonia is attributable to eat fresh fruit.
4. Painkiller abscess in children. Gourd, cut into pieces using a mixture of ginger, boil the soup to eat.
5. Disease, testicular swelling, take the gourd is eaten boiled.
6. Disorders of the neck to the gourd and cut the cork and put the water intake can prevent the disease's treatment of the neck.