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Product IDV112
Thai NamePrik-thai-oon (พริกไทอ่อน)
Common namePEPPER
Scientific NamePiper nigrum
ShapePepper is a perennial climbing vine tree trunk with the trunk area more than the obvious. Stems pale green and turn brown with age increase. There are two types of roots of pepper. Is the root for f
Preparation and eatingThe rumors of a pepper, an enzyme for digestion of fat. For this reason, the ancient texts are believed to be pepper can reduce the fat.

Pepper stimulates the taste on the tongue. The stomach secretes gastric juice even more.

Black pepper is spicy hot. When eating a hot flash feels the abdomen to expel sweat Tgageฟga diuretic cure flatulence.

Cure malaria. Cure cholera.

The shaft 10 shaft grinding pepper thoroughly and boil 8 cups water to wash the wound with a medicine ball

Tagore for Perry in the pepper can be used as an insecticide. Which is not harmful to humans, taking a break to break the pepper, then sprinkle