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Product Description

Product IDV108
Thai NamePRIK - HANG (พริกเเห้ง)
Scientific NameCapsicum frutescens L.
Season availabilityAround year
RemarkSpices and herbs. Catsup
ShapeRipe fruit is red or red brown last year. Smell pungent and spicy. Most of the spicy chili at the chili seeds and filling. Also customize the colors in foods with a beautiful view.
Nutrition remarkDried chillies are generally used to pound roasted and used as a resolution. In addition to the chili used to make curry dishes. Efficacy of chili makes a good appetite. Also pursue gas, reduce phlegm, urine and helps to relieve indigestion as well.
Preparation and eatingThai chili cooking in the kitchen using both fresh and dry. These will be different spicy.
As soon as the chili is spicy hot to eat, but will disappear soon. But it gradually dried savory and spicy to remain quite a long time.