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Product Description

Product IDV101
Thai NameCHA - MUANG (ใบชะมวง)
Common nameA-MUNG
Scientific Name GARCINIA CAW
Season availabilityAround year
Peak PeriodMay
RemarkTotal effect leaves a sour taste mild.
ShapeSingle leaves from opposite pairs, each pair is the right angles to each other the opposite sort. Leaves elliptical edge parallel Pointed end of leaf and stem leaf surface leaf Backpacks it leaves the
Nutrition remarkChamuang leaves 100 gram calories per kilo body 51 calories, 3.2 g fiber 27 mg calcium, phosphorus, 13 mg Iron 1.1 mg Vitamin A 7,333 IU Thiamine 0.7 mg niacin, 0.2 mg vitamin C 29 mg