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Product Description

Product IDV075
Thai NamePHAK-KUT (ผักกูด)
Common namePACO PHAK-KUT
Scientific NameDiplazium esculentum F
Season availabilityAround year
ShapeFrom a tree fern with their short height of 6-18 cm stem rising from a red-brown fur around it.
Nutrition remarkNutrients in 100 grams of edible portion consists of Cal 22 Unit Moist 93.7 Ure% Protein 1.7 Gm. Fat 0.4 Gm. CHO 2.9 Gm. Fibre 1.4 Gm. Ash 0.6 Gm. Ca 5 mg. P 35 mg. Fe 3.63 mg. AIU 7167 B1 0.34 mg. B2 0.08 mg. Niacin 0.52 mg. C 15 mg.