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Product Description

Product IDV064
Thai NamePUAY - LENG (ป้วยเล้ง)
Common nameSPINACH
Scientific NameSpinacia oleracea Linn.
Season availabilityAround year
Nutrition remarkVocational spinach, 100 g Energy 22 kcal consists of fat 0.9 grams Car Bohai Crazy Toy 0.9 g protein, 2.6 g Calcium 54 mg Phosphorus 60 mg Iron 0.1 mg niacin 0.4 mg of beta - carotene. 420 mg Vitamin B1 0.05 mg vitamin B2 0.48 mg Vitamin C 15 mg.
Preparation and eatingVocational and eat spinach leaves and stems. By catering to various kinds of lights, soup, sour fried spicy mixed vegetable soup, vegetables, spinach, or vegetables that year's Popeye the sailor cartoon muscle growth is a darling red when young children many years ago. Critical slip scene at the enemy. Popeye would delve out canned vegetables from the open source Hiebๆ chewing. The strength of some unknown substance elephant attacks come from vegetables, Popeye's side can be written in English as "Spinach" in the cartoon TV DVD Thailand is the fact that spinach is spinach last year that is how purchasing. Screening out large leaves, green leaf color will be held if retained eat many days. Cut the roots left. Choose a leaf out of the old water out gently washed several times to remove the soil. Sand and then dry out completely torn to reflect water Then keep the plastic bag. Box or a little off. Store in refrigerator for 3-5 days with the data from the United States that Vocational spinach is a source of B - Daniel SEROTONIN. People who like to eat spinach Vocational often good eye. ผudผnoong skin. And slender with Vocational spinach because the low power only. 14 kilo calories per 1 cup of vegetables.