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Product Description

Product IDV056
Thai NamePHAK - TIO (ผักติ้ว)
Common namePHAK-TIO
Scientific NameGratoxylum formosum(Jack) Dyer ssp.pruniflorum(Kur
Season availabilityAround year
ShapeTop light is red. Mixed sour astringent taste. When the leaf color is green.
TasteTop of the young and young flowers, vegetables tally with sour
Nutrition remarkTop young and young flowers of vegetables tally sour vegetable tally 100 grams of energy to the body 58 kilo calories, contains fiber, 1.5 g Calcium 67 mg Phosphorus 19 mg Iron 2.5 mg of beta - carotene 4500 mcg vitamin A 750 micrograms of Retinol methanol. Thiamine 0.04 mg vitamin B, 0.67 mg Niacin 3.1 mg Vitamin C 58 mg.
Preparation and eatingEat a vegetable and cooking.