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Product Description

Product IDV054
Thai NamePAK - CHEE - FARANK (ผักชีฝรั่ง)
Scientific NameEryngium Foetidum Linn
Season availabilityAround year
Peak PeriodAround year
ShapeCharacteristics of long slender leaves like grass, dark green wavy edge, but similar sawtooth
TasteSmell the food taste good.
Nutrition remarkFresh parsley is rich in beta - carotene to 867.12 RE Vitamin C 38 mg calcium, 21 and 22 mg phosphorus, 100 g body when you take beta - carotene from parsley To the vitamin. Helps to maintain healthy vision and immune system. No simple physical illness.
Preparation and eatingThe leaves of parsley, eaten as a vegetable. Use seasonings and savory..