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Product Description

Product IDV006
Thai NameHed khem thong ( เห็ดเข็มทอง )
Common nameEnoki mushroom
Scientific NameFlammulina velutipes
RemarkGolden Needle Mushroom nutrition 100 g. to 34 kg Cal Energy Lori contain protein 2.4 g carbohydrate, 7 g. fat0.4g, fiber2.6 g, Sodium3ml.
ShapeMushroom Cap sphere. Uganyay small slender The combined group. When ripe, soft smooth crunchy bite
TasteWhen ripe, soft smooth crunchy bite.
Nutrition remarkGolden Needle Mushroom eating regularly will help maintain stomach and liver diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
Preparation and eatingBring a Sukiyaki Fried with vegetables and put the soup