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Product Description

Product IDF020
Thai NameSom-o (ส้มโอ)
Common namePummelo, Pomelo
Scientific NameCitrus grandis Osbeck. C. maxima Merr.
Season availabilityyear round
Peak PeriodOct – Dec
RemarkKhao Namphung / Khao Phuang
Colour yellowish green skin; white flesh
Shapepear shaped, with a pronounced basal topknot
Tastesweet and juicy
Nutrition remarkHigh in vitamin C, B1 and phosphorus
Preparation and eating- Use a knife to curve the outer green skin off
- Use a knife to peel off the white flesh part of the skin 
- Use a knife to separate the fruit into two pieces
- Separate into segments
- Remove the skin on the segments, and the seeds
*** Eaten fresh. Make Juice. Added in fruit salad